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I am trying to play a game on but it is not loading/working?

Depending on the game you are playing you need to have the latest plug-ins installed, download them here. (requirements)

Is it free to play the games on the website?

There are over 300 FREE games to play on, however there are a few games that have demo versions that you can play for free and a full version that you can pay to download.

If I am stuck on a level in one of the games is there anywhere I can get help?

Yes, our game forum but at the moment it's down. we are working on it to improve it for a better online gaming.

How can I make sure that I know about all the new games that are released on

Mostly every week we have a new game and you can check back every week or whenever you would like to check for a the new game/s you can find the updated and the new games in the New game page of our website.

Download the Frooga Toolbar for previews of new games before they launch on the site, also build in a google search and popup blocker. get it now


Is it possible to add one of your Frooga's games to my website and if so how can I go about doing this?

Yes it is possible to do this. It can be done very simply by emailing us and let us know and we will sent you the games.

Once select the game that you wish to download. After that simply click on Zip Download underneath the game and download it to your computer. Once you have downloaded it to your computer you will need to open the HTML file in note pad and this will give you the instructions that you need to download this game to your website.

I have a great idea for a game, how do I submit it to

Please email us (contact) with any game suggestions you have. your ideas are welcome at Frooga.



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